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QTY|Product           **Oil Journal Assembly Parts**

Journal Head 50"/R-1423G
Upper Journal Housing 50"/R-3136
Lower Journal Housing 50"/R-1247F
Journal Shaft 50 /R-1377A
Lower Journal Bushing 50"/R-1042D
Upper Journal Bushing 50"/R-1378
Lower Wear Ring 50"/R-1049
Upper Wear Ring 50"/R-3590
Slinger Plate 50"/R-3137
Piston Rings 50"/R-3138
Journal Gasket 50"/R-1805
Grinding Roll 50"/R-4556HC
Roll Lock Nut 50"/R-1243B
Shaft Lock Nut 50"/R-1057A
Trunnion Shaft 50"/R-1354
Trunnion Bushing(brass) 50"/R-2026
Trunnion Bushing(steel) 50"/R-4440
Complete Journal Assembly 50"/R-4567J
Rebuild Journal Head 50"/R-1423G(Rebuilt)
Rebuild Journal Head
Rebuild Upper Journal Housing
Rebuild Lower Journal Housing

QTY|Product           **Mill Base and Mill Bottom Parts**

Plow Holder 50"/R-2306
Plow Body 50"/R-2311
Plow Tip 50"/R-2312
Plow Tip (heavy duty) 50"/R-2312HD
Hardsurfaced plow Tip 50"/2312HS (H.S. both top & bottom)
Port Liner 50"/R-3114N
Port Liner Fabricated 50"/R-3114FAB
Plow Support 50"/R-2310D (for 5- roll mill)
Mill Bottom 50"/RR-7B
Mill Bottom Liner 50"/R-3551A
Mill Bottom Bolts 50"/R-1876
Mill Bottom Bushing 50"/R-4082
Spider 5-Journal 50"/R-3791C
Spider 4-Journal 50"/R-3791B
Spider Key 50"/R-663A
Bull Ring 50"/R-343AX
Bull Ring 50"/R-4555
Bull Ring Clamp 50"/R-2592B
Bull Ring Key 50"/R-3606
Vertical Mill Shaft 50"/R-579F
Vertical Shaft Bushing 50"/R-4081
Upper Steel Button 50"/R-92
Upper Bronze Button 50"/R-2330
Lower Steel Button 50"/R-91
Lower Bronze Button 50"/R-2329
Gib Key MP-90550-AA (for pinion gear)
Horizontal Drive Shaft 50"/R-2905
Horizontal Shaft Bushing 50"/R-4083
Horizontal Shaft Bushing 50"/R-4084
Horizontal Shaft Bushing 50"/R-4085
Oil Ring for Hor. Bushing 50"/R-389
Step Box 50"/R-394
85 Tooth Bevel Gear 50"/R-4042
22 Tooth Pinion Gear 50"/R-4043
Mill Side w/door(highwall)50"/R-3140C
Mill Side Door 50"/R-3141
Return Air Housing 50"/R-3505
Rebuild Mill Base
Pinion Shaft for Whizzer 50"/R-2973
5'-6 Whizzer Seperator Top 50"/R-2827
5'-6 Whizzer Drum Section 50"/R-2828
5'-6 Whizzer Bottom & Cone 50"/R-3437L & 50"/R-3385
5'-6 Whizzer Double Blade Assembly
4'-8 Whizzer Seperator
6'-0 Whizzer Seperator
7'-0 Whizzer Seperator
8'-0 Whizzer Seperator